Privacy Policy

Small Office Solutions is committed to maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, security and accuracy of your Personal Information. We identify Personal Information as information used to
identify an individual and does not include business contact information.

We, as a small organization, are responsible for the personal information we maintain and are accountable to you, our clients, to be in compliance with the policy.

Purpose of Data CollectionSmall Office Solutions will gather personal information for the following purposes:

Client Contact Information:

When one becomes a client of Small Office Solutions we may collect and use the following contact information:

  • Contact Name and job title;
  • Mailing address including Postal Code;
  • Phone Numbers – business, direct line and cell phone; and
  • Email Address

Small Office Solutions assumes you, the client, have given consent to gather and use the contact information once entering into a contract agreement for services. Should the client wish to withdraw consent for the gathering and use of the contact information he/she must notify Small Office Solutions in writing. However, the ability to provide the client with the agreed upon service will be hampered.

Gathering the above information allows us to provide the required and agreed upon services. Access to the information will be by either owner of Small Office Solutions and to be stored in a locked cabinet.


When conducting administration services Small Office Solutions will encounter client’s personal information. When client information is in our possession it is stored in a locked cabinet and then transferred back to the client.


When registering for an event or as a volunteer, Small Office Solutions will collect personal information for:

  • Managing event attendance; and
  • Managing financial information – including payment information
    (credit card number, credit card expiry date and banking information).

Information will be returned to the client upon completion of event.


When Small Office Solutions is maintaining accounting records we will have to collect financial information specifically personal banking information if the individual does not have a separate bank account for business activity. As part of maintaining the financial information of Small Office Solutions’ clients, we may need to keep credit card numbers and expiry dates. However, when client information is in our possession it is stored in a locked cabinet and then transferred back to the client. Only the owners of Small Office Solutions will have access to the information.

When completing a Personal Income Tax Return personal information as listed below will be collected, used and transferred to a third party (Canada Revenue Agency):

  • Date of Birth;
  • Gender;
  • Income;
  • Address; and
  • Banking Information

Information will be returned to the client upon completion of the Income Tax Return.


If Small Office Solutions as part of its’ marketing services conducts a personal interview to be used in a publication or document the interview notes will be returned to the client upon the completion of the service. The information will become the clients’ responsibility to destroy or retain in a secure location.


If Small Office Solutions is seeking to hire additional employees the information the
candidates provide will be used to determine if they are suitable for the position. The information for any candidates that are not hired for the position will be destroyed after the individual hired successfully completes his/her required probationary period.


When visiting Small Office Solutions’ website we do not gather any personal information. Our site does not use “cookies” or any other form of technical information gathering techniques.

Small Office Solutions is not responsible for any damage (direct or indirect) that occurred when submitting any personal information through email from our website.

Security of Information

Small Office Solutions does not sell, lease or trade personal information with any third parties. We will transfer your personal information to trusted third parties when processing any payments on your behalf. We will make every attempt to ensure the safekeeping of any personal information we retain.

Small Office Solutions reserves the right to change the privacy policy without prior notice and as our business needs change. Check this page from time to time to view any changes. This policy is effective June 2016.