administrative services

The Small Office Solutions team has a combined 40 years in administrative roles! We can help you with almost any admin problem you can throw at us. Here are a few duties you may need a little assistance with:

Organize your office

  • Sort snail mail Our team will visit your office once a week and take all that pesky mail off-site and organize it for you. We will address all of the important stuff with you and recycle the rest.
  • Sort email Even though we are not in your office, our team has the technology to sort through your email and alert you to only the items that need your attention. If we can answer some of the emails for you, we will certainly do that too.
  • Word Processing – We can assist you with letters, reports, proposals, editing, proofing, and formatting of documents.
  • Document Management – Our team has the expertise to create a straightforward, electronic filing system to store files you need to access frequently. We can also archive files you seldom access onto an external hard drive, USB memory stick, DVD or CD  – give us a week and we will have you organized!
  • Manage a paper filing system Our team will visit your office once a week and file the papers you have dealt with but want to find in the future.
  • Database creation/maintenance/entry A time consuming tasks that no one likes so our team is here to help! Perhaps you want to keep track of all your clients, customers and/or contacts in one easy to find file or you may need an inventory list – we can build a database, input all of the information and keep it up to date for you.
  • PowerPoint Presentations– We can create a presentation that will wow your clients and make you look so good!
  • Book Appointments
  • Book Travel Arrangements

Document creation

  • Business Plans
  • Office Procedure Manuals
  • Policy Manuals
  • News Release
  • Challenge us and we will do our best to exceed your expectations! 


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